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Art Experts

BAIAS was established as a combination of the passion for art and antiques along with the direct experience of the art market and auctions.
With the same enthusiasm of treasure hunters, we analyze each work of art, bringing out its specific features, and with the same strength, we offer it on its natural market, thus optimizing profit.
BAIAS employs professionals and experts from various fields to cover a wide range of areas, emphasizing unusual niche sectors such as, Islamic, Indian and Himalayan art, which are often neglected in Italy.
We offer wide-ranging services throughout Italy and Europe for our private clients, institutions and companies.
Our office is a landmark for personalized appointments through which we explore together with our clients their needs and a meeting point for exhibitions and events where you can explore cultures far away in time and/or space.

The inclusion in the official register of the experts at the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia enables BAIAS expertises to be effective also in case of a legal assignment (CTU/CTP). Again, under a legal point of view, BAIAS is supported by a poll of attorneys specialized in the art field who can settle all kind of disputes, also international.
BAIAS is an independent and autonomous company that operates free from conflicts of interest, at different levels and with various actors on the national and international panorama. On the strength of its experience in the sector, BAIAS can identify the best strategy and pursue it by implementing a series of actions aimed at satisfying the client’s objectives.

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