Services for art

Services for art

The world of art, whether a person visits it for work, as a collector or simply as a holder of an artwork, demands a series of bureaucratic fulfilments that are necessary especially in view of any movement of the artwork.
Moving an artwork can be a real hassle for the uninitiated.
BAIAS can take care of the following services upon request and according to the needs of its clients:

Logistics and transport.

Safely transporting one or more works of art is an operation that should be left to professionals in the sector because it requires special care that couriers and traditional transporters do not use. In addition, for the most important works of art, it is recommended to stipulate insurance that covers the risk of damage from when the object leaves its usual shelter to when it reaches its new destination and final location.
In some cases, it may also be necessary to temporarily store one or more works in a secure and specialized warehouse. 
Organizing and supervising these delicate steps need to be the work of a professional.

Permits and art bureaucracy.

It’s amazing the amount of licensing and compliance that some categories of artwork require. Generally speaking, almost all works of art require the fulfilment of bureaucratic procedures before or after the sale, but sometimes even only for mere possession, as in the case of ivory or antique weapons.
Juggling this panorama is not easy and requires time, effort and patience. A seasoned professional is able to save you all this by handling the paperwork on your behalf

Some examples of frequent paperwork:

  • Temporary import permits
  • Export permits
  • Expertise on the antiquity of ivory in accordance with current legislation
  • Certification cites for protected species or endangered species
  • Verification of stolen objects in databases
  • Authentications at accredited foundations and archives

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